How To Make A Giant Pizza Cone

How do you reinvent pizza? A tough challenge certainly, but it seems there’s one creation that everyone’s drooling over right now – pizza cones.

Looking like an ice cream cone filled with gooey cheese and your favourite toppings, pizza cones – or Kono pizza as they’re also known as – were pioneered in Italy in 2001.

Usually the cones come in hand-shaped sizes, but the guys over at Heallthy Junk Food obviously thought that this way too small, so they decided to create their own monster of a creation.

Containing pepperoni, Italian sausage, and enough mozzarella to drown in, the cheesy concoction packs in a whopping 4850 calories. This isn’t a light snack, far from it.

It’s not the first time Heallthy Junk Food have created enormous fast food recipes – just some of their previous creations include a giant chicken nugget, a four pound Snickers, and an onion ring big enough to poke your head through.

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