How To Make Mac And Cheese

Jonny Marsh shows you how to make an easy and very yummy mac and cheese.


Macaroni pasta
160g butter
160g flour
1600g milk
Sprig of thyme
Cheddar cheese
Parmesan cheese
Tsp Tabasco sauce

Serves: 4
Prep: 20 minutes
Cook: 10-15 minutes

Step 1: Cook The Pasta
Cook enough macaroni pasta for four people. Once cooked drain in a colander and set aside.

Step 2: Make The Sauce
Warm the milk on a medium heat with a sprig of thyme. Meanwhile, melt the butter in a large pan and then add the flour. Take the pan off the heat and mix well. Then gradually add the hot milk to the flour and butter mixture. Put the pan back on a medium to low heat and add the cheese. Season with salt and pepper.

Step 3: Bake
Add the pasta to the sauce and mix well before adding the contents to a baking dish. Grate some Parmesan cheese over the top. Bake under the grill for 10-15 minutes until golden brown.