How To Make An Old Fashioned Cocktail

Here’s how to make an old fashioned cocktail. This is the best recipe around, trust us.

A few drops of Angostura bitters
1 sugar cube
3 shots of bourbon (good quality)
1 cherry (to garnish)
1 tsp of cherry syrup (use the syrup from the jar of cherries)
Slice of orange skin/rind
Ice cubes

Put a napkin over a glass. Put a sugar cube on the napkin. Soak the sugar in a few drops of the Angostura bitters. Then drop the sugar into the glass.  Add a teaspoon of cherry syrup into the glass and break the sugar up. Add a couple of cubes of ice and a single shot of bourbon. Stir.

Add three ice cubes and a single shot of bourbon. Stir again.

Add a few more cubes of ice and a shot of bourbon. Stir again.  Taste.  Then garnish with a cherry.

Add a slice of orange skin. Squeeze on top and drop it inside. Serve and enjoy.

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