Make Your Own Save The Date Cards

These DIY save the date cards decorated with mini bunting are an inexpensive way to add a personalised touch to kick off your wedding plans, plus they’re really easy to make too!

You will need:

– A4 Kraft paper
– A4 Kraft Paper
– Craft knife
– Craft mat
– 3 small samples of fabric
– Lilac string
– Scissors
– Pencil
– Ruler
– Glue


  1. Prepare your pre-printed text by printing the wording on an A4 piece of kraft paper. Measure and cut your paper to 10×14 cm ensuring you leave at least 3 cm from the top of the paper to the top of the text to leave space for the bunting to hang.
  2. Measure your kraft card to 15x11cm and cut to size using your craft knife.
  3. Attach the kraft paper to the centre of the kraft card using all purpose glue.
  4. Make a small triangular template out of the remaining kraft card.
  5. Fold your fabric in half in order to create a fold then cut around the template using your scissors.
  6. Glue your triangles closed over your string using all purpose glue.
  7. Tie the ends of the string into a loop.
  8. Attach the bunting to the corners of the card using all purpose glue.
  9. Trim the edges of the string.
  10. Post out to your guests!