From A Smart Wardrobe To A Meaningful Life

Every day, we have more access to a variety of garments from all over the globe – the thrill of shopping online, using many seasonal discounts and splurging on style has become almost a global epidemic. However, when you open your closet in the morning and start preparing your outfit, how often do you catch yourself uttering the famous sentence “I have nothing to wear” even with clothes overflowing your shelves?

We seem to have become addicted to choices. On the one hand, it’s wonderful to have so many options, but on the other, it’s a paradox since the overwhelming number of choices becomes the greatest restriction on how we express ourselves through fashion. After all, shouldn’t we use fashion as an extension of our beliefs and values, to show the world what we hold dear?

Simplifying your style doesn’t have to devoid you of authenticity, on the contrary. Let’s see how you can create a capsule wardrobe that reflects purpose and beauty at the same time.

A clutter-free life

When you spend less time worrying about your next outfit, you impose less stress on yourself. In fact, one of the loudest fashion statements you can make is not letting your choices define the entirety of your existence, your mood or your self-perception. What you wear should serve a purpose and make you feel comfortable in your own skin.

The time you would invest in shopping and picking out garments can be better spent on meditation, mastering a new language or spending time with those you love. It might seem like mere minutes per day, but this can accumulate into six months of your life from the moment you turn 18 until you reach 60. Wouldn’t you rather spend them loving, traveling, and simply living?

Love your skin and your planet

Living in this informed era where knowledge is only a few clicks away for every curious soul, it’s impossible to stay deaf to the injustices that are in the very foundation of the fashion industry. From inhumane labor conditions, toxic dyes and other environmental damage to low worker wages, there are countless reasons to switch to organic, sustainably-made fabrics.

Organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, linen, wool, and similar materials are all eco-friendly and will help you build a smarter wardrobe for your skin as well as your planet. Consider this your wardrobe and your spiritual detox. Support eco-friendly clothing brands that produce garments in a way that will add a new layer of meaning to your life.

Make a commitment

Another fast fashion residue is our collective desire to follow trends. That means that with every new collection for every season comes a slew of eager buyers ready to add more items to their ensemble. Instead of buying so many pieces, most of which will remain forgotten in your closet, why not commit to durable clothes and footwear to resonate with your values?

For example, owning a pair of classic Birkenstock sandals means having reliable and comfortable footwear for a range of occasions and for years to come. The same goes for a timeless little black dress, a pair of sustainable jeans and a button-down shirt you know you’ll wear to more places than just the office.

Repurpose and recycle

Another great way you can contribute to your own peace of mind and the wellbeing of our beautiful planet is to think of your old garments as little cocoons waiting to deliver another stunning idea. Your old tree can become an eco-friendly reusable grocery bag, while an old dress can transform into a skirt, and the rest of the material can be used for cleaning.

Suddenly, an ordinary clothing item becomes an artsy project in disguise that can serve as a bonding session with your kids or your friends. Other options include selling your old garments, exchanging them during swap events or simply donating them to those in need. Suddenly, the sentence “I have nothing to wear” gains a whole new level of meaning.

Question everything

Finally, we still live surrounded by pure consumerism, and we’re often tantalized by the latest trends and lovely garments flashing from the windows. Before you yield to this temptation, ask yourself if the item you want to buy will truly contribute to your style and self-expression. Would you apply the same hoarding behavior to shopping for new cutlery or cleaning supplies? That’s highly unlikely.

Apply the same purpose-driven mindset to your shopping habits, and soon you’ll free up an enormous amount of time, space, as well as energy that you can spend more wisely. In addition, the garments that you do end up keeping will only add more meaning to your life by encouraging you to stay true to your values.