Stress-Free Method To Apply For US Work VISA

According to the statistics, there are almost 42.4 million migrants in the United States of America which mean accounting for over 13% of the total population. As a global driving force, America has long been an aspiring destination for explorers looking forward to living the dream and liftoff their new lives. There are few places in the globe who can offer a wide range of opportunities as the USA.

No matter if you work in technology, manufacturing or service industry, you’ll surely going to come around the people who are a first class employers or around some ideas for a business. But to join them, one needs to have a specific employment permit which grants a person to live and work in the USA. So, let’s check out some guide related to your American work visa.

How to apply for an American work visa?

To apply for the work visa of US, one needs to follow the steps given below:

  • Pay the visa application fee
  • Complete the form no. DS-160, Non- immigrant Visa electronic application
  • Schedule the appointment according to your timing and date. One will need a passport number, fee payment receipt number and a barcode number from the form, DS-160
  • Then, finally visit the US embassy on the date and time for the visa interview with all the document like the recent passport and the old passports, recent photograph, form confirmation page print-out and obviously, the appointment letter.

What documents are required to apply for a work visa, US?

A person should submit the documents to the visa center before appearing for an interview. If the original documents aren’t in an English language, then one must need a certified translation. Documents required are:

  • Passport- validity for at least 6 months
  • Completed immigrant visa as well as the Alien registration application
  • Two passport size recent photos
  • Translation of supporting documents
  • Proof of sufficient financial support
  • Forms with a complete medical examination.

The documents may vary depending on which country a person is applying for! Also in some situations, a person needs to submit the original documents which are then returned back to them on the day of the interview. Or else, one needs to carry the original documents, a person is also required to give their fingerprints at the time of completing the interview for a visa.

Do Australian citizen need a visa for USA?

Australia is among the 38 countries that lie under the Visa Waiver Program of the USA, which permits a person to travel to the US for business or tourism. Like other countries, Australians don’t need a visitor visa to go the US, but these people are the only one who can apply online thru the Electronic System for Travel Authorization, ESTA, and a simple and faster process. It costs only about $14 USD.

Visa types for Australians:

The US immigration authorities have a wide number of visa’s which depends on the reason behind the person’s purpose to travel the country. The US Visa for Australian citizens is mainly categorized into 2 types thru which a person can go and remain in the US for limited or unlimited time-period. The two types are first, US immigrant visas, which allow their holder to live and work in the USA. Secondly, US non-immigrant visa, Allowing the holder in the US for a specific reason like tourism, medical, education, and seasonal work etc.  There’s also an E-3 Visa, also known as Specialty Occupation Professionals from Australia. The US immigration established the E-3 visa only for Australian people. Nationals of other country are not applicable to apply for this visa.

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