The Tabata Workout That Will Leave You Reaching For Toilet Paper

If you’re constantly making up excuses about not being to work out at home because you don’t have the equipment, then this video is for you, as one woman has come up with a unique way of getting fit using an everyday object – toilet paper.

In a video posted by Kaisa Keranen, a Seattle-based fitness guru, the 31-year-old bends, hops, and kicks her way through a Tabata style workout (a popular form of high-intensity interval training) using four loo rolls.

From picking one up at a time to doing jump press ups in between them, she has certainly mastered the art of the ‘loo roll workout’. Speaking to Shape Magazine, Keranen said: “It’s an everyday object that everyone has… The entire point of my workouts is not only to mix things up to keep them fun and interesting, but also to show people that it doesn’t take much more than your body (and occasionally fun household items!) to get an awesome workout in.”

Toilet paper isn’t the only everyday object Keranen’s also used in her workout videos – she’s also used a suitcase, and a cooking pot (perhaps for those who like to cook and workout at the same time). Check out the routine in the video below, and if you can think of any other everyday items that would be good to use for a workout, then tweet us at @videojug.

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