Teenager Creates Stunning Wedding Dress – But Can You Guess What It’s Made From?

Image via The Sun

New wedding dresses can cost a fortune, however, if you’re clever enough you can save hundreds if you make your own. A teenager has proven just that, using one key material, TOILET ROLL.

The dress was created by fifteen-year-old Rachel Lefleur, who spent a purse-friendly £30 on making the dress, with £10 of that spent on toilet paper.

The teen started making the gown last year for her GCSE coursework and features a bodice, sweetheart necklace, and 19 rolls of Cushelle forming roses across the dress.

Speaking to The Sun, Lefleur said: “I’d never made a dress before but I was inspired by watching images of American toilet paper clothing contests on YouTube and thought I’d give it ago.

“It became a real labour of love and I couldn’t even guess how many hours I spent on it. But I’m so pleased with the finished result.”

We have seen our fair share of handmade wedding dresses in our time but this creation is simply a work of genius. Have you ever made a unique wedding dress? If so we’d love to see it – tweet us @Videojug.

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