Tips To Customize The Best Diamond Ring Possible

If you are thinking about buying a diamond engagement ring in USA or if you are all prepared to customize the ring as per your liking- there are certain things you should be well aware of before going ahead and planning things.

There are many reputed jewelry stores such as which have an amazing collection of exclusive diamond engagement rings. You can also customize your engagement ring simply by choosing appropriate loose diamonds and they will craft the ring according to your requirement.


  • Here are some tips you might want to follow to customize the ring of your exact choice

The first and most important decision is to figure out what is the shape you want to go for. You can pick and choose from the various diamond shapes available. If you are not sure about what the other person is expecting, you can opt for the safest and the most common type of diamond shape which is round. While customizing, you should keep in mind that whatever shape you choose will affect the final price of the ring.

Now that you know what shape you want and how big of a stone you want to go for, you need to decide the cut quality of your loose diamond. Choosing a cut quality can be quite tricky. There are no standardized cut grades for different vendors. Various sellers use their own cut grades based upon the shape the diamond is supposed to be cut in.

If you want to go for a shape which is the most brilliant, then you can opt for round cut diamond or an oval or pear cut diamond. The cut of your diamond is very important, aesthetically. A well-cut diamond is crisp from every angle and it interacts with light really well. If you want your diamond to be cut in a really fancy shape you need to be extremely specific about your requirements.

A perfectly cut diamond will have a significant contrast between the light and dark areas of the diamond. A diamond’s color will determine the overall appearance of your ring. Do your research before deciding the color you want to go for. Different shapes will reflect color at different dimensions. It is important to balance the diamond’s appearance with the base metal you are opting for.

Choosing the right polish and symmetry is also extremely important. You may also be familiar with the term carat. Carat is the diamond’s weight which is often associated with the quality and size of the diamond. If you choose diamonds with fewer dimensions and color your price will be comparatively less.

You need to remember that more colorless the diamond is the higher its price will be. Make sure you turn the diamond upside down on a plain white sheet of paper, this will help you in deciding the exact tint of the diamond ring.

The clarity of your diamond is another aspect you should consider. A high-quality diamond will be flawless and it will have no imperfections or chips on its surface. Diamonds with the highest clarity are the ones which are the rarest. However, even if a diamond has great shine it can be of low quality. Chipping, cracking and shattering is observed when a diamond is of low quality.

The best way to ensure the quality of the diamond is by ensuring that the seller has a diamond certification. This certificate is provided only to those sellers whose work quality has been examined by a third party.