Travel Guide To Newark Airport

As every destination is different, so is every airport. While navigating in a new city and airport can a bit challenging. Though this is not the case with the Newark Airport. As traveling to Newark Airport has never been this easy!

Newark Liberty International Airport is located 15 miles southwest of Midtown Manhattan. It is one of the three international airports that serve New York City and EWR is one of the first major airports in the US and it also comes in the top 15 busiest US airports in terms of passengers!

Moreover, the Newark Airport consists of three terminals out of which United has the most flights thus making it United’s third-largest hub. You can get an NJ transit to make your journey through EWR as smooth as possible. While if you want to ride like a VIP then you can hire a car service to EWR that will chauffeur you to the airport in style!

At the Airport

Alongside NYC, there are a number of easy and accessible trains that are available all around New Jersey via NJ Transit to catch your flight on time! If you think this is not enough then here’s more, you can purchase your round-trip train ticket in advance to get you to and from the airport without wasting any time! This easy and very helpful feature is known as MyTix that you can download from their NJ Transit app.

EWR airport also offers complimentary Wi-Fi services that are available throughout the airport for the first 30 minutes only!

TSA Pre-Check

While advising travelers who are flying first time from the EWR airport, Dr. Prem Jagyasi says, “It’s in the best interest of such folks to register for TSA Pre-check today to ease your time as well as stress!” With TSA Pre-check you don’t need to remove your shoes, laptops, 3-1-1 liquids, belts, and light jackets. Thus easing your anxiety about missing flights due to long wait times!

Have your ID Ready

The worst thing about the airports are the security checks and there’s nothing worse than arriving at the airport and realizing that you have either grabbed the wrong ID. One simple solution for this is, you can lay it out the night before and find an accessible spot in your bag where you can easily find it!

Make Sure to Follow TSA Regulations

If you are traveling for the first time then always remember to keep all your loose toiletries in clear plastic bags. Further, if you are carrying any liquids then it should not be more than 3.4 ounces or you will need to dispose of them!

A simple trick that you could try is have everything clearly labeled and visible as this will make it go through security a lot easier. Although, if you are traveling with a laptop or tablet, just make sure that you got it out of bag and handy before getting to the security line, this is one of the simple yet easy to forget TSA requirement.

Dining at your Terminal

Did you know that Newark Liberty International Airport was recently renovated with a number of new establishments that were NYC based! These upgrades included restaurants that can be found in United’s Terminal C. Some of the restaurants includes Wanderlust which is a burger bar and Saison which is basically a French bistro.

Moreover, terminal C is the place where you will find the trendiest and widest variety of restaurants at EWR. Some of these restaurants include a 24-hour bakery and chocolate shop and a sushi restaurant called Tsukiji Fishroom. So, if you ever get hungry at EWR then you know where you need to head to!

Furthermore, if you are planning your next holidays in New Jersey then you can hire a limo from Empire Limousine to chauffeur you around the city in class!