Vintage Style Wedding Bunting

We show you how to make rustic hessian bunting, perfect for bringing charm to your big day and making your budget will stretch even further.

You will need:
– 2 metres of Hessian
– Lace ribbon
– Scissors
– Strong all purpose glue
– A4 size cardboard for template
– Ruler

– Cut a 2 inch edge off your piece of hessian to use as a banner to attach your bunting to.
– Make a template from an A4 size piece of cardboard by holding it in half and cutting a half triangle shape.
– Fold the hessian in half lengthways in order to create two layers.
– Place the template on the hessian with the shortest side along the fold and cut around it.
– Continue cutting out the triangles until you have enough to fit along your strip of hessian which is approximately five depending on how close together you would like them to be.
– Using strong all purpose glue, attach your hessian triangles to the strip of bunting by folding the shape over the strip.
– Attach the lace ribbon along the top of the bunting using all purpose glue.
– Follow these steps again to make more and you can tie them together to with a bow to fit the length of your venue.
– Hang your bunting around your venue for your guests to enjoy!