Weatherman’s Solution For Defrosting Windshield Goes Viral

You wake up on a freezing morning with the dreaded task of scraping all the frost from your car. Armed with only a scraper, it’s the job that everyone hates, especially if you haven’t any de-icer to hand.

Pouring warm water over your windows is an alternative option to shifting the frost, however if the water’s too hot you risk the chance of cracking the glass. Thankfully, weatherman Ken Weathers (yes, that’s really his surname) from Tennessee’s WATE 6 News has revealed his top tip for banishing ice in seconds.

As shown in the above video, Weathers uses a solution of water and rubbing alcohol (AKA isopropyl alcohol or surgical spirit to us Brits) and sprays it onto the windshield, removing the ice immediately. And because the alcohol has a freezing point of 128 degrees below zero, you can keep the mixture in your car in the wintry months without it ever freezing.

So there you have it, Ken’s top tip for defrosting a windshield. Do you have any tricks for defrosting a car quickly? If so we’d love to hear them. You can tweet us and join in the conversation here.

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