The World’s First Hoverbike Is Here And It Looks Epic

Footage has been released of the world’s first fully manned hoverbike being tested and it looks as incredible as you’d imagine.

Emulating a scene out of a sci-fi film, the flying bike, dubbed Scorpion-3, features four propeller blades and can reach 30 mph, with one brave pilot at the helm.

Created by drone specialists Hoversurf, the bike was given a test run in a giant warehouse in Moscow, with just enough space for the bike to work its magic.

The clip starts with the driver taking a seat in the hoverbike (with no seatbelt), lifting his leg over the rear protruding blades before gripping firmly on the “state of the art flight controllers”.

Once the propellers are in action the bike slowly lifts in the air before flying forward and landing. According to The Daily Mail, the vehicle can stay airborn for up to 27 minutes.

If you fancy riding the prototype and have some spare change lying around, the bike can be yours for an eye-watering $150,000, although you’ll probably need to remortgage your house to cover the insurance.

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